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Kutting for Kallie

Kallie’s Mum Abbie Midson is going to Shave her Head  to raise funds for Camp Quality!!

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7th March, 2013 - our life is turned upside down with a single call from the doctor. My usually healthy little girl, who had never been sick, was admitted to hospital which we would call our home for almost 2 weeks.

Kallie is a beautiful, energetic and friendly girl who just turned 6.  She’s just started Prep and loves attending school and making friends.  Her favourite activity is Physical Education and she hates sitting still.

Unfortunately she may miss out on her prep year, due to being diagnosed with leukaemia  and having the rarer form of High Risk T-cell.  Being confined to a hospital bed was very hard for her to understand and cope with, she has had to adjust to a lot in such a short period of time, but Kallie has taken it all in her stride and been so brave.

We have found it hard to manage, as I also have an older son with autism, Kody, who requires therapy on a regular basis and needs help at home and also at school.  He has found coming to hospital with us difficult as he has a very short attention span and gets very agitated quickly.

I have a 5 month old little boy who we nearly lost in during his birth in December. I call Flynn my little Christmas miracle.  Kallie loves him so very much.

Kallie’s father has had to leave his job to help care for our family as Kallie cannot attend school or Kody’s appointments now, as she can become sick very easily.  She rarely leaves the house except for regular visits and stays in hospital.  

We’ve had a hard start to the year and it is very difficult to find the time to do everything that needs doing.  Flynn is still so young, Kody has difficulty at school and we worry about Kallie all the time.  But what wouldn’t you do for your kids?  They are what keeps me strong and resilient. 

Every day Kallie’s bravery keeps me putting one foot in front of the other.  She is so brave now - Mummy isn’t even allowed to come into the room when she has needles. This is a big change from when we began and she was so scared. 

So Mummy is going to be brave too. I’m going to shave my head and raise some money for Camp Quality. I haven’t had a decent cut in 10 years and as Kallie has lost all of her hair so we are going to be beautiful baldies together!

Our goal for this event is to give something back by raising money for Camp Quality. The charities have been overwhelming in their support and wonderful presents for Kallie. 

Our goal at the end of all this is to see my beautiful girl be a normal child again – running, skipping and jumping and attending school with her friends and cancer free, living a long happy and full life.


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3/09/2013Hey Abbie, Wondering how your precious daughter Is doing? Is there a way I can get in contact with u? XxxxxxRachel Northey (Ware)
5/07/2013Well done Abbie on your fundraising efforts & for being a wonderfully supportive mum to your family. We think of you often & hope good times come your way.John, Helen, Daniel & Ella
21/06/2013What an amazing gift you are giving others who will travel the same journey you are all travelling now. Such a selfless gift for a very worthy cause. Well done Abbie, a strong, courageous and devoted mum. May easier times come your way soon. Love to all xxDebby T
16/06/2013Love the photos they are great. You are an incredibly brave and awesome mother and daughter team!Sarah
15/06/2013Dear Abbie, We haven't seen you for quite a while but please know that we are thinking of you all and send our love. Your strength and love for each other will see you through this terrible time.Sue and Rick (Beck' parents)
12/06/2013Well done for raising so much already Ab. Love you Kallie, Aunty Melinda and Reilly xxxMelinda
7/06/2013My beautiful daughter and grandaughter I am so proud of you both you are doing an amazing job love you heaps love Mum and aivars xxxchristine midson
5/06/2013xxx <3 love you all.xxg/ma an mac
4/06/2013A very tough time, so glad we have Organisations to help families through times like this. Sending positive thoughts your wayJen
3/06/2013Keep up the courageous work guys - I love seeing Kallie's smiling face in clinic...she's a fighter and she clearly got that from her parents.Kerryn & Ella
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